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The activity and focus of the business sector during the eighties, made the union between two great companies possible. On one hand, HERPA S.A., with extensive experience in both technical and economical aspects; on the other SECOVISA, a dynamic, commercially aggressive and service oriented company, relatively young, but old in experience. In 1989, HERPASUR  S.A. was created in Jerez de la Frontera

Currently, HERPASUR cover a 12.000 square meters extension, with 2.500 sq. meters destined to manufacturing and storage of finished products.

HERPASUR S.A. is a participating firm among a group of companies that extends outside of our borders. It reaches different sectors, connecting us to a flow of information and experience that is shared within the group. That has allowed us to be placed among the top national businesses in the transformation of stainless steal.

From its inception, HERPASUR and its parent company SECOVISA, have formed a team to develop activities in Research and Development. These have been based in the study and usage of industrial processes already applied and approved in other sectors. After a series of tests and changes for its new adaptability, we research its advantages to be able to apply it to new areas.


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