born in 1989

HERPASUR S.A. is an Investee company which belongs to the SECOVISA Group,  a group of companies which has expanded beyond Spain’s borders, covering different sectors which has facilitated a continual flow of information and experience.

The Installations

Today, HERPASUR is equipped with a surface area of over 12,000 m2


Herpasur owns 2,500 m2 earmarked for the manufacture and storage of finished products.

since 1989
in the framework of Jerez de la Frontera
leaders in the manufacture
of stainless steel tanks and containers
Oil Sector

We manufacture tanks for oil selection as well as mixers for gourmet oils. The preparation of olive oils…

Wine Sector

It represents 32% of our activity where we are the leading company in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks …

Distillation and Alcohols

Based on Herpasur’s experience in the distilled beverages sector, we provide expert advice for the design of plants…

Beer Breweries

In the founding a new beer brewery, master brewers rely on HERPASUR’s support …

Chemical/cosmetic Sector

We design reactors, open-top vertical cylindrical tank s for the chemical and cosmetic industry, mixers …

Animal/vegetable Fats

We design, manufacture and install all types of plants for the storage of animal and vegetable fats. The tanks …

Water and Soft Drinks

Herpasur manufactures tanks for mineral water and water purification treatment systems. These tanks …