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Self-Emptying Tanks

Self-emptying tanks are especially designed for use in the harvest to receive the grape with different aims, depending on whether the grape is for red or white wine.

What defines and makes this type of tank special is that it is equipped with a lower door located in its bottom with an open/close mechanism (hydraulic or electrical) which facilitates the drainage of the grape pomace (also known as “marc”). The bottom is also equipped with a rotating extractor blade driven by a motor which facilitates the pomace removal task The tank is also equipped with cooling jackets to control the internal temperature, a pumping pipe with diffuser in the upper section and a “bleeding” grille to facilitate the must drainage.

In the case of white grapes, the self-emptying tanks are commonly used for the first pressing of the grape by gravity, acting as “lung” tanks prior to sending the grape to the press. On the other hand for the red wine grapes, they are used as fermenting tanks, which have the advantage of being able to easily “drain” the already fermented must and subsequently, thanks to the lower hydraulic door, the pomace is easily extracted in order to send it to the press.

These tanks can be used outside the harvest season as liquid storage tanks.

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